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Back to School

To most parents, September means one thing: time to send kids back to school. From homework tips, to dealing with bullying, to keeping kids active and healthy, our back to school tips will help you and your child prepare for a fun and successful year ahead.


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Academics are the main reason that kids go to school. Here, find helpful tips on everything from homework help to teaching your child math skills.

Screen Time

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These days we all spend a lot of time in front of electronic devices. Find out about the impacts of too much “screen time” and how to set limits.


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Learn how to help your kids navigate some of the more difficult aspects of relationships with their peers on and off of school grounds.

Mental Health

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While in school, kids may struggle with social and academic pressures that affect their mental health. Here are some tips to help them cope.

Physical Health

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Good physical health can help your child to feel great and achieve better academic success. From being active to eating right, we have you covered.

After School

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Back to school also means a return to after school activities. Check out these articles on everything from sports to safely crossing the street.