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Brain tumours: An overview

Brain tumours are the second most common type of cancer in kids. Learn what causes brain tumours and how they’re treated.

How to put in eye drops

Putting drops in your child’s eyes may seem like a daunting task. Our expert’s advice makes it easier.

Healthy and happy

Regular physical activity is good for your child’s physical and mental health. Learn how much exercise kids need.


This common skin condition occurs most often during the teen years. Find out the different types and causes of acne and how they can be treated.

Hemophilia: Find out what causes this blood clotting disorder and how it is treated.

Is it IBD or IBS? Learn more about the causes of these similar bowel conditions.

Radiation therapy: Treatments
See what happens during a planning CT scan.

Transplant: Listed and waiting - Teens
discuss how it feels to wait for a transplant.

Radiation: Find out what happens before,
during and after radiation therapy.

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