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Nutrition in restaurant meals

Whether planning a meal out or a stop on a summer road trip, use these links to Canadian restaurants to find out what is in your meal.


Ptosis occurs when a weak eye muscle causes the eyelid to appear droopy. Learn more about surgery and how to care for your child.

Fingernail infection

Fingernail infections, although not serious, can be painful. Learn how to treat them and prevent them from returning.


Sunburn occurs when your child’s unprotected skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays. Find out how to recognize and treat and prevent this type of skin damage.

Anxiety: Find out how to help your child when high anxiety disrupts daily activities.

Swimmer’s ear: Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent this outer ear infection.

Instill confidence in your child by praising and encouraging them.

Telelink Mental Health Services provides various mental health services remotely.

Puberty: Monster Mythblasters teach your child how their body will change.

How the Body Works:
Kidneys and bladder


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