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AboutKidsHealth website relaunch

We have some exciting news: In early spring 2018, we will be launching a new version of! While we've made some changes and added several new features, our main goal continues to be providing our users with accurate and trustworthy content, when you need it, from the health-care experts at SickKids.

To learn more about why we've updated AKH, what we've changed, and what new features you can expect, check out the FAQs below.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the AboutKidsHealth website changing?

The old AboutKidsHealth website is a fantastic resource for healthcare professionals and families, but it can no longer keep up with the needs of our users. The way people consume information is changing, and that means our website needs to change too.

Here are a few reasons we've updated the website.

  1. More than 70% of our users access our content on mobile devices. To provide the best experience for everyone, we needed to create a website that users could reliably view on their phones or tablets. All of our Health A-Z articles, including our 3,000 medical illustrations and animations, can now be viewed on mobile devices.
  2. The old website was not easy to navigate. Health-care professionals, parents and caregivers need to quickly and efficiently find and evaluate the health information they're looking for. We've created a new website that is more reliable and gives you to the info you want, faster.

What is changing on the new AboutKidsHealth site?

Our goal is to continue providing accurate and trustworthy content from health-care experts at SickKids when you need it. Here's what's changed.

  1. The biggest change you will see is the organization of our content. We've made all of our articles accessible through a sortable A-Z index page. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, you can now filter your search by body system, body part, health specialty and health category. You can also search for an article by language.
  2. We've added key points and an introduction to every article. This brings the most relevant information right up top so it's the first thing you see on a page.
  3. In our Health A-Z articles, text has been organized in an accordion structure to allow you to go directly to the information you're looking for such as "Signs and symptoms" or "When to seek medical attention" without needing to read the full article.
  4. You may notice we also have a new logo! The new design better aligns us with the SickKids branding and reflects a fresh new design.

What's missing from the new AboutKidsHealth site?

You may notice a few things missing when you check out the new AKH. We've created a clean, focused space that will allow readers to better absorb and retain health information.

Here's what you won't find on our new website:

  1. We've removed the banners from the right hand side of the page. Research shows that people are better able to consume content on a web page when they don't have distractions.
  2. We've also removed the left-hand navigation. Instead, you can find your way through a section using the new learning hubs and the enhanced search function.

How did you develop the new AboutKidsHealth site?

Planning for the new AboutKidsHealth website began in late 2015 and early 2016. We consulted with families and SickKids staff, and conducted several rounds of testing with intended users. We went through all our articles (over 5,000), cleaning and re-organizing the content.


With the redesigned website, will AboutKidsHealth be more accessible?

We're working hard to ensure that AboutKidsHealth is fully accessible in the near future. Over the next year, we'll be adding more tags to every article and illustration to make sure everyone can access all areas of AboutKidsHealth, regardless of ability.


Can I still access multilingual articles?

Yes, our multilingual articles are now even easier to access than before. To check if an article is available in a different language, click the language box in the top right corner of the article page. The drop-down will show you the different languages that are available.

You can also access all of the content in a specific language by clicking on the language you want to view on the ribbon at the very top of each page.


Can I still download a printable version?

Yes, you can still download a printable version of the article. Click on the blue button with the ellipsis on the right hand side of the page. From there, click on the red Adobe button and simply print the document.