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Skin disease

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Many skin​ diseases can be present at birth or may develop over time. Learn about the many different types of skin diseases such as eczema and neurofibromatosis; how some are caused by genetic disorders, others are acquired and yet others have no known cause.

Skin inflammation (rash)

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Skin inflammation and rashes are common. Inflammation is a response by your child’s body to something harmful or irritating. Inflamed skin can be red, swollen and painful. Most skin inflammations and rashes are not serious and others need further investigation.

Infections and infestations

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Skin infections can be caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. The treatment your child receives will depend on the type of infection your child has. Skin problems caused by a bite or an infestation are usually temporary and treatable and rarely have complications.


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Birthmarks are coloured areas of skin that are present at birth or soon after. Most are common and are usually harmless. Common types of birthmarks include vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. Moles if present at birth are also considered birthmarks.

Treatments and wound healing

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Treatment options for skin, hair and nails range from learning how to properly take care of and clean your child’s skin to antibiotics, ointments, creams and even sometimes surgery. Taking proper care of wounds and scrapes is important for the skin to heal.

First-aid and everyday care

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Proper care of your child’s skin is important. Learn about everyday care for your child so that they can have healthy skin, hair and nails. Some of the topics include caring for cuts and scrapes, sun protection, dry skin and skin care for newborns.