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Mom smoking in car with children
There are many reasons to quit smoking. Here are ten convincing arguments to help parents quit.

Smoking and teenagers

Despite study after study linking cigarette smoking and disease, teens are often not aware of the long-term health effects of smoking. Cigarette advertising and peer pressure can be very convincing. Here are some articles about smoking and teens.

Smoking during pregnancy

Cigarette smoking and second hand smoke can affect the unborn baby and pregnant mother in many ways. Smoking is linked with pregnancy complications, fetal growth restriction, premature birth. and problems with the development of the brain, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Below is information about smoking and pregnancy.

Second hand smoke

Second hand smoke is hazardous to everyone's health, but especially that of unborn babies, babies, and children. More and more studies are showing the health effects of second hand smoke. Here are some articles about these effects.

Smoking: related conditions

Smoking is related to many conditions, including asthma, bronchiolitis, colic, cough, diabetes, ear infection, sore throat, osteoporosis, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Click the links to find out more.