Letters for Your Child's School

When your child has a complex health condition, it is important that the school understands your child’s condition and what they can do to help her. In addition to talking with your child’s school and teachers face to face, it is a good idea to write a letter (on your own or with the help of your doctor or health care team), explaining the following things:
  • Name of your child’s condition
  • What the school needs to know about your child’s health condition
  • Your child’s strengths and areas of interest
  • Your child’s limitations (physical, cognitive) and any accommodations she may need, such as extra time to finish tests
  • Medications your child is taking
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Feelings or symptoms your child may experience
Encourage the school to treat your child as they would any other child. Your child’s health condition should not define your child. Make copies of the letter for your child’s principal, school administrator, school nurse, and teacher to keep on hand for reference. Provide information to update new teachers each year or when your child moves to a new school.

You may find these sample letters and information sheets helpful: