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Strategies for Finding Community Health Services

There are many different types of community health services. They will be important to consider as a first step in putting supports in place for your child and family. Some resources may not apply to your situation because children with a chronic or complex illness can vary greatly in terms of their special needs. Over time, you will create your own list based on your child’s specific needs and the area where you live. If your health care team includes a social worker, they will be able to help you find community health services.

Some agencies offer more than one type of service. When calling an agency, remember to ask about all the services offered. For example, an agency that has parent support groups may also offer behavioural support. When you call an agency, make sure that you find out about all their services.

Many of these agencies have long waiting lists for service. Do not be discouraged.

Put your name on all the lists. Call the agencies regularly to find out where you are on their waiting list. Develop an organization system and write down all your calls in case you need this information later. A form is provided on the Phone Contact Record page that you can use to record your telephone calls.

How to help your child while you are waiting for community health services

Remember, while you are waiting for services, you can start learning about your child’s condition. To feel more able to do this you can: When you understand a little more and trust yourself, you will find that there is a lot that you can do to help support your child.