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Surgeon's Corner

Dr. James Wright
Dr. James Wright
Columns by James G. Wright, MD, MPH, FRCSC

Dr. James G. Wright is Surgeon-in-Chief, Robert B. Salter Chair of Pediatric Surgical Research, and Senior Scientist, Population Health Sciences at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). He is also a professor in the Departments of Surgery, Public Health Sciences, and Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.


A very brief history of surgery

Dr James Wright tells the tale of modern surgery's incredible success built on a gruesome past of trial and painful error.

Avoid becoming a victim of your own (health) success

Dr. James Wright gives advice on how children with chronic conditions can make a successful transition to adult care.

Innovation in surgery

Innovation is an essential part of surgery. This article describes the procedure for introducing surgical innovations at SickKids.

Children's wait for surgery improving

Dr. James Wright discusses plans and progress on wait times for children's surgeries in Ontario

Ready for surgery? Check.

Dr. James Wright discusses averting errors with surgical checklists.

Guest Surgeon's Corner: Scald prevention in the home

Scald burns occur when hot liquids contact the skin long enough to damage the surface layers. Learn how scald burns can be prevented and treated.

Cleft lip and palate surgery

Babies with a cleft should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon within the first two weeks of life and followed by a specialized team until adulthood.