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March Break fun on the cheap


March Break is often synonymous with palm trees, turquoise waters, and sun-drenched beaches. But with the price of gas, airline tickets, and accommodation on the rise, a destination holiday may be out of the question for you and the family this year. Not to worry. We at AboutKidsHealth have come up with some winning ideas that will keep the wallet in the pocket and the kids entertained.

1. Camping (indoors)

Turn the living room into your very own campsite. Push the couch and coffee table off to the side and pitch a tent in the middle of the room. Be sure to lay down a thick blanket or two for some added comfort. To make your night of camping even more authentic, turn off all nearby electronic devices. This includes cell phones. Now, dust off the old guitar, slip into some comfortable clothes, and enjoy your living room campout. 

2. Cleaning

Get a head start on your spring cleaning by making it a family affair. Although most kids find cleaning nothing short of boring, organizing the house from top to bottom can be a lot of fun. First, put on some music. Cleaning and great tunes go hand in hand. Next, keep the kids’ enthusiasm up by turning their chores into a friendly competition. For example, give them a set amount of time to complete a series of tasks (like dusting, sweeping, and making their bed). Whoever finishes first (and to your standards, of course) gets to decide what the family is having for dinner that night.

3. Day tripping 

A day trip can be as simple as exploring a new park or hiking an unfamiliar trail in or around your hometown. Be sure to wear the appropriate shoes and attire if you and the family decide to go for a hike. Finally, if the weather cooperates, cap off your excursion with a picnic.  

4. An afternoon at the library

Throughout the break, most library branches will hold special events for children of all ages. Check your library’s online calendar for dates and times. You can also make the break a little more fun by challenging your child to read as many books​ as he can in one week. Be sure to motivate him with praise and positive reinforcement throughout the challenge. When the week is up, reward him with a special meal or activity of his choice.

AboutKidsHealth Editorial Team