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6 simple ways to bond with your child

Building a stronger relationship with your child may be easier than you think.


Learn about enteroviruses, such as EV-D68, and how they can cause colds and related illnesses.

Minding your health on World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is October 10. Find out - or rediscover - some simple steps to mind your mental health.

Summer camp: Figuring out what’s right for your child

Advice on choosing and getting ready for camp, as well as how to help your child avoid feeling homesick.

How can I tell if my daughter has an eating disorder?

I am worried that my daughter may have an eating disorder. How can I tell for sure? What can I do about it?

How to stop binge eating

Dear Dr. Pat: I think I have an eating disorder. I binge eat every day and even sometimes purge. Even though I'm really active, I've gained 18 pounds in the last four months. Please help me, I don't know what to do.

Top five family New Year's resolutions

Five easy things you and your family can do to have a happier and healthier year.

Five principles of good parenting for the New Year

What can people do to improve their parenting skills this year?

Video: Flu Season - A guide for parents

Dr. Upton Allen talks about how to handle flu season.

What is a good age to tell children about Santa Claus?

My 11-year-old daughter still seems to believe in Santa Claus. Should I tell her the truth or let her find out on her own?

Pedestrian safety for kids

Great tips to help make walking to school (or anywhere else) a safe ritual for your child

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