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Video: Flu Season - A guide for parents

Dr. Upton Allen talks about how to handle flu season.

What to do if your child bullies? video

What if your child is bullying others? Dr. Debra Pepler talks to us about this touchy subject and offers some pointers on how you can correct bullying behaviour in your child.

Teachers and bullying video

How often has your child come home telling you that they are being singled out in a class? In this video, Dr. Debra Pepler shares a few tips about how to navigate and deal with a bullying teacher.

The myths of bullying video

In this part of our bullying series, Dr. Debra Pepler helps clarify some common misconceptions about bullying and bullying behaviour.

How a parent can instill confidence in their child video

Raising children is hard; especially when they won't speak up for themselves. Watch as Dr. Debra Pepler shows some techniques that can help your child in their social interactions and help bolster their self esteem.

Cyber-Bullying video

Watch Dr. Debra Pepler as she talks about the impact of Cyber bullying on your child, and how to help them.

What parents need to do in the schools video

What can you do to ensure that your child's school environment is a healthy one? How can you build strong relationships with a school's staff? Watch as Dr. Debra Pepler talks us through some steps that you can use to help your child at his or her school.

What makes a bully? video

In this portion of our bullying series, Dr. Debra Pepler talks to us about what makes a bully and if there is anything we can do at home to correct bullying behaviour.

National Study: Homophobia in Canadian Schools

In this video we learn about some of the most harmful attitudes directed at children with alternative sexual identities in Canadian Schools

Resources for homosexuality and transgender issues in children

Dr. Catherine Taylor specializes in empowering marginalized students within the school system. She talks about the impact teachers can have on decreasing harmful attitudes toward children with alternative sexual identities.

LGBTQ: The Impact of teachers on the student body

In this video, we hear about how teachers can deal with homophobia in practical ways.

Video: Adele Diamond - Early Childhood Support and Education

In this video, one of Canada's leading experts on Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience talks about how early childhood educational support can have a positive life-long impact.

Video: Adele Diamond: Multiple Types of ADHD

In this video, neuroscience expert Dr. Adele Diamond explains how ADHD is not just one type of disorder and how some children with ADHD are either hyperactive or inattentive, but not both.

Video: Adele Diamond: Prefrontal Cortex

In this video, one of Canada’s leading experts on Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience talks about the control centre of the brain called the prefrontal cortex.

Video: Adele Diamond: The Psychology of Effective Education

Cognitive scientist Dr. Adele Diamond of the University of British Columbia talks about what works in classroom instruction, and what does not.

Video: Adele Diamond: Babies and Abstract Reasoning

In this video, Dr. Adele Diamond talks about how tests that show infants can understand more than we realize.

Video: Adele Diamond: Child's Play

In this video, Dr Adele Diamond, from the University of British Columbia, explains how pretend play and exercising imagination are very important for developing a child’s ability to think well.

Video: Stan Lee on Disability

Stan Lee tells AboutKidsHealth about Soldier Zero, a superhero who lives life in a wheelchair.

Video: Stan Lee on ADHD

In this video, the legendary Stan Lee sits down to discuss the ‘super power’ of being able to overcome a disability like ADHD, both mentally and socially.

Video: Stan Lee on Bullying

The creator of many superheroes in comics and motion pictures talks about creating characters that always outsmart the bullies.

Video: Stan Lee on Self Esteem

Hollywood’s Stan Lee talks about how superheroes help kids realize that what makes them ‘different’ is what can make them special.

Video: Parenting the defiant child

Most of what the parenting books tell you is wrong. Parenting the defiant child is really about training parents to be more effective adults, according to Yale University’s Dr. Alan Kazdin.

Video: Children's palliative care

Dr. Christine Newman, Paediatric Palliative Care Specialist, talks about the most common questions children have about their own deaths and discusses issues ranging from withdrawing life support to what to say and what not to say to grieving children.

Video: "Catwoman" Julie Newmar speaks about parenting a child with special needs

Original Catwoman Julie Newmar talks about self-image in girls, raising a child with a complex condition, dealing with the challenges of chronic pain, and finding the superhero within.

Video: ADHD: A type of learning disability

Dr. Rosemary Tannock, Canada Research Chair of Special Education and Adaptive Technology and an internationally recognized expert on attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, explains how ADHD is a type of learning disability.

Video: The creative mind

The Director of Neuroimaging Research at the University of Iowa, Dr. Nancy Andreasen, talks about what creativity looks like inside the brain, and how creative genius can be nurtured or destroyed.

Video: Maternal stress and preterm birth

Dr. Christine Dunkel Schetter talks about the risks associated with premature birth and how stress in pregnant mothers is one factor affecting premature birth.

Video: Executive function: The thinking brain

Dr. Stephanie Carlson talks about how children’s brains develop decision-making skills and how parents can help foster self-control in their children.

Video: Cognitive therapy: The power of realistic thinking

Dr. Judith Beck explains how the way we think affects what we do and how we feel, and how parents can help their children reframe their negative thoughts into more hopeful ones.

Video: ADHD international seminars for teachers

Dr. Rosemary Tannock, Chair for the Canadian Research of Special Education and Adaptive Technology and internationally recognized expert on ADHD, discusses seminars for teachers and Ministries of Health around the world.

Video: Type T personalities: Thrill-seekers, risk-takers, and rule-breakers

Psychologist Dr. Frank Farley describes the ‘thrill-seeking’ child and how to motivate and direct their activity in positive ways.

Video: Child maltreatment

Dr. Dante Cicchetti explains how child neglect and abuse affect the physiology and the development of a child’s brain.

Video: Special education for ADHD

Experts at Toronto's SickKids Hospital explain why children with ADHD need special education.

Video: ADHD: Personal Stories

ADHD is normally thought of as a problem, but it can also be an asset. In this video, researchers, parents, and people with ADHD discuss learning to work with ADHD instead of against it.

Video: Jack's Lemonade Stand

A child's simple lemonade stand to raise money for epilepsy research has grown to enormous proportions.

Video: Epilepsy: An overview

This video offers an overview of Epilepsy. Epilepsy is common and exists all over the world.

Video: Epilepsy: The "magic diet"

The ketogenic diet is a form of dietary therapy for epilepsy. In this video we learn why Jack calls it his 'magic diet.'

Video: Help Eliminate Pain in Kids: The hidden cost of immunization

Undertreating pain from childhood injections can result in needle phobia. This video looks at how parents and health care providers can help.

Video: Reframing disability: Comics legend Stan Lee speaks with AboutKidsHealth

How superhero stories relate to disability and bullying issues some kids have to face.

Video: Introducing chronic complex care

In this video, doctors and families discuss recent developments in creating one-stop health centres that better meet the needs of children with chronic, complex health conditions.

Video: Telepsychiatry provides long-distance mental health services

This 10-minute video describes TeleLink, a technology-driven long-distance mental health service for children living in remote areas of Canada.

Video: Diagnosing acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

This video discusses the two main ways doctors diagnose ALL in children: bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncture (spinal tap).

Video: Treating acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Watch this video to learn what happens during each treatment phase of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Video: Living with leukemia

This video looks into the lives of parents caring for a child with leukemia.

Video: Neutropenia and chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

When white blood cells drop to very low levels, it causes a complication called neutropenia. Watch this video to learn about neutropenia and what to do if your child develops a fever during leukemia treatment.

Video: Childhood leukemia: A survivor's story

Michael Seccareccia was 12 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Now at the age of 19, he talks about his experience and how he continues to thrive, cancer-free.

Video: Anti-bullying conference provides new ideas and hope

A national anti-bullying conference brought psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, social workers, and youth groups together to address the problem of bullying and to explore some of the solutions.

Video: All about acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

An introduction for children who have been newly diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and their parents. Featuring interviews and animations, this video helps families cope with this frightening diagnosis.