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Temperature taking

If you suspect your child has a fever, taking an accurate temperature reading will help you decide what to do next. Learn more in our guide.

CPR in babies (0 to 12 months)

CPR is a form of emergency first-aid to send oxygen to the brain when a person stops breathing. Find out how to give CPR safely to a baby.

How to treat a flu

Discover the best age-appropriate treatments for a mild flu infection and what to do if a mild flu becomes more serious.

Depression: Warning signs and symptoms

Find out the most common emotional, physical and behavioural symptoms of depression and what a doctor can do to help.

Positive eating habits: Learn how to help your child develop healthy, life-long habits.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Find out how to choose, install and maintain them.

Clearing a baby’s stuffy nose: Learn how to use a suction bulb to remove mucus.

The ABCDEs of skin inspections: Discover the signs of unusual changes in moles.

Carb Count game: Help your child balance their carbohydrates if they have diabetes.

How the Body Works:
Kidney and bladder overview


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