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Healthy and happy: Physical activity guidelines, and benefits, for children of all ages.

Safe outdoor meals: Keep picnics and BBQs safe this summer with these food safety tips.

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Family vacation health tips

A lot of work can go into a planning family vacation. Whether travelling near or far, find how best to prepare for and enjoy a healthy and happy break.

Disciplining your child

Helpful tips on appropriate ways to discipline your child, and teach boundaries, at all ages.

The transition from tube to oral feeding

This guide offers helpful advice on how to make the transition from tube to oral feeding as smooth as possible.

Curing nature deficit disorder

To mark Recreation and Parks month, we offer a reminder of the benefits of getting outdoors and helping children develop a love of nature.

How to stop a nosebleed: Handy tips on how to care for your child’s nosebleed.

Preventing head injury: Find out how to safely fit a bicycle helmet on your child.

Playground safety: Use this page to teach your child to stay safe on swings and slides.

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