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Physical activity: Find out the daily guidelines for children up to age 17.

Swimmer’s ear: Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent this outer ear infection.

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Sports nutrition

The right nutrients can fuel your child’s physical activity. Find out what your child should eat and drink before, during and after exercise.


Ptosis is a condition that causes the eyelid to appear droopy. Read how it can affect your child and how surgery can treat it.

Fingernail infection

A fingernail infection occurs when bacteria enter the skin around the nail. Learn how to treat infections and stop them from returning.


Sunburn occurs when your child’s unprotected skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays. Find out how to recognize and treat and prevent this type of skin damage.

Stan Lee explains how to learn to live with whatever makes you different.

Kids Talk About Bullying: Hear what children think of bullying and how to stop it.

Puberty: Monster Mythblasters teach your child how their body will change.

How the Body Works:
Kidneys and bladder


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