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Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Resource Centre

Learn about the different types of JIA, how it is diagnosed and treated and how your child can live with it into adulthood.

All about fever

Discover the different ways to take your child’s temperature, the common causes of a fever and how to take care of your child.


Find out the schedule for routine immunizations, when to get medical advice before getting a child vaccinated and when precautions are not necessary.

First aid for cuts and scrapes

Find easy-to-follow steps on how to clean cuts and scrapes, help them heal properly and when to see a doctor.

Peanut allergy: Learn how to deal with this common and sometimes life-long allergy.

Hypothyroidism: Learn how an underactive thyroid is caused, diagnosed and treated.

AboutKidsHealth and SickKids: Hear how AboutKidsHealth supports patient care.

Living with leukemia: Learn how caring for a sick child affects the whole family.

Sleep: Help your child learn how sleep helps their body and brain rest and recover.

Introduction to genetics: Discover how traits are passed down through generations.


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