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Children with dyslexia have difficulty understanding how letters and sounds work together. Learn more about this learning disability and how it is treated.

Speech problems

Speech and language milestones vary from child to child. Find out when you should be concerned about your child’s speech and how to help them.


A certain amount of anxiety is normal, but sometimes it can become a disorder. Find out more about this condition and how to help your child.

Involving kids in mealtime tasks

Discover how to involve your child in planning and preparing meals and teach them valuable life skills.

Anorexia nervosa: Learn about the signs and symptoms of this eating disorder.

Sex education for children: Eight tips for open, age-appropriate communication.

All about the heart: Show your child how their heart transports blood around the body.

Having a sleep study: Learn what to expect when your child needs to have a sleep study.

Puberty: Let the Monster Mythblasters teach your child about what to expect.

How the Body Works:
The heart


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