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Cleft lip repair

Learn more about the surgery that repairs a cleft lip (a separation in the upper lip) and how to prepare for it.

Water safety

Check out our life-saving advice to keep your child safe and happy while they are enjoying water-related activities.

First aid kit

At home, on vacation or on the road, use this guide to put together a reliable first aid kit that can handle cuts, sprains and aches.

Preventing burns from campfires
and fireworks

Follow these tips to keep everyone safe and avoid burns when enjoying outdoors activities involving fires and fireworks.

Sedentary behaviour guidelines:
How to reduce your child's screen time.

Playground safety:
Child-friendly playground safety tips.

How to treat cuts and scrapes:
How to take care of minor wounds at home.

How to do a skin inspection: This video explains how to thoroughly check your skin.

How to talk about your health: Simple tips
to help your child get the care they need.

How the Body Works:


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