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Physical activity: Discover the benefits and daily guidelines for children of all ages.

Safe outdoor meals: Keep picnics and BBQs safe this summer with these food safety tips.

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Family vacation health tips

Planning a family vacation can take a lot of work. Whether travelling near or far, find out how best to prepare for and enjoy a healthy and happy break.


Morphea occurs when collagen and other proteins build up in the skin, causing it to become hard. Read about the signs, causes and treatment of this rare condition.

Transition from tube to oral feeding

If a child has been tube fed for a long time, they can find it difficult to start feeding by mouth. Learn how to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection of the bones that can cause pain, limping and fever. Discover how it is diagnosed and when to see a doctor.

Preventing head injury: Find out how to safely fit a bicycle helmet on your child.

Inuit Health Matters: Learn about our project to help expecting and new Inuit families.

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