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Reading and writing milestones: Learn about important milestones in your child’s life.

National Non-Smoking Week: Ten reasons that parents should think about quitting.

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All about fevers

How to take your child’s temperature according to their age, as well as well as potential causes of, and treatments for, fever.


High blood pressure doesn’t only happen in adults. Experts at SickKids give information on hypertension in children, and how it’s treated.

Head lice

How to tell if your child has lice, and more importantly, tips on getting rid of them.

Emergency preparedness

Information to help keep you and your family safe in the first 72 hours after a major disaster.

How to stop a nosebleed: Handy tips on how to care for your child’s nosebleed.

How to give your child liquid medicines:
A step-by-step guide from experts at SickKids.

All About Kids and Tooth Truths: Why it’s important to look after teeth and gums.

How the Body Works:
Kidney and Bladder Overview


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