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Fever in a returning traveller

Discover the signs and possible causes of a fever soon after a vacation and how to prevent travel-related illness.

Plant safety

Leaves, berries, seeds and bulbs can be hazards for a curious child. Use these tips to keep your child safe around plants.

Buckle fracture

A buckle fracture occurs when a bone crushes in on itself, usually after a fall on an outstretched arm. Find out how this type of fracture is treated.

Managing celiac disease

If your child has celiac disease, a gluten-free diet can help manage symptoms. Learn how to follow a gluten-free diet at home and when eating out.

Bone health: How different types of exercise help strengthen your child’s bones.

Insect bites: How to recognize, prevent and treat them and when to see a doctor.

First aid for cuts and scrapes: Find out how to take care of minor wounds at home.

Inuit Health Matters: Learn about our project to help expecting and new Inuit families.

Protect your Noggin’! Use this colourful page to teach your child about helmet safety.

How the Body Works:
The Ear


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