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Feeling depressed? Dr. Pat explains why some people feel sad at Christmas time.

Holiday safety: Stay safe with these tips for celebrating, decorating and buying toys.

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Vacation health tips

Whether travelling near or far over the holidays, be prepared with these tips for a safe and healthy trip.


Hypospadias occurs when the opening of the penis is not at the tip. Find out how this condition is identified and repaired.

Febrile seizures

A febrile seizure is a seizure that occurs with a fever. Discover how to respond to a febrile seizure, including when to call an ambulance.

Nasal congestion in babies

Babies get stuffy noses when their nasal tissues swell or produce mucus. Learn how to clear your baby’s blocked nose and when to see a doctor.

How to change a diaper: Use these tips to change your baby quickly and comfortably.

What to do if your child has a seizure: Learn how to respond to keep your child safe.

All about epilepsy: Help your child learn about living with this brain condition.

How the Body Works: Skeleton


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