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Speaking up: Learn how to help children have a greater role in their health care.

Blocked tear ducts: Find out the causes, symptoms and treatments for this eye condition.

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Vitamin D

What is vitamin D? Where is it found? How much do we need to keep healthy? Answer all these questions and more with this interactive page.

Crying in babies

A baby’s cries can be as distressing for you as they are for your baby. Find out how to tell normal from abnormal crying, why your baby has different cries and how you can respond to crying effectively.

First aid kit

At home, on vacation or on the road, use this guide to put together a reliable first aid kit that can handle cuts, sprains and aches.

Positive eating habits

Why not take advantage of the summer break to teach your child about nutrition? Check out our expert tips to help your child develop healthy eating habits.

How to change a diaper: Learn about supplies and how to quickly clean your baby.

Be smart with your cart! Use these tips to plan and shop for balanced family meals.

How to talk about your health: Simple tips to help your child get the care they need.

How the Body Works:


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