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ADHD and Working

Overall, people with ADHD are more likely to have difficulties related to work compared with people who do not have the disorder. Specific concerns include:

  • job dismissal
  • jumping from job to job
  • lateness and absenteeism
  • making careless errors
  • not meeting deadlines
  • not getting along with co-workers

Nonetheless, many adults with ADHD bring specific strengths to the workplace. These strengths include: 

  • creativity
  • energy
  • hyperfocus on specific things that interest them
  • willingness to take risks and embrace change

People with ADHD who have succeeded in the workplace tend to share the same personality traits: they are motivated, goal oriented, persistent, creative, have a strong desire to succeed, and have a need for control. They tend to work at companies that offer mentors, a supportive social environment, and useful support services.

People with ADHD are generally attracted to careers that are exciting, busy, and that carry an element of risk.

People with ADHD tend to do best when they have a career that matches their strengths and are in a supportive workplace environment.  Human resource departments are often a great place to find out what specific supports may be available.