Blood and Marrow Transplant Resource Centre

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The content in this resource centre has been organized to follow the experience of a child preparing for a blood and marrow transplant (BMT). It helps you understand the steps involved in preparing for a transplant, what happens during the procedure and your child’s experience while in the hospital. This resource centre also talks about the emotional and practical challenges you may face while caring for your child during the transplant. Finally, it discusses many of the possible late effects that may occur after a child receives a BMT.

This material has been developed in collaboration with the health care professionals in the BMT Program at the Hospital for Sick Children as well as other expert professionals from elsewhere.

About Blood and Marrow Transplants

This section begins with a description of the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. It then explains how a BMT works, reasons for a transplant and suggests helpful tips when considering BMT as a treatment option for your child. This section also explains the role of each of the members of your child’s BMT health care team.

Preparing for a BMT

This section describes the various steps involved in preparing for both types of BMT: allogeneic and autologous transplants. It explains how stem cell harvesting works, your child’s transplant treatment and what happens during the BMT. It also lists information about the medicines your child may take to prepare for the transplant. 

While Your Child is in Hospital

This section discusses your child’s life in the hospital after his BMT, including how to minimize infection, your child’s daily routine and possible complications that may occur. It also suggests ways on how you can cope and adjust as a family, and deal with food and nutritional issues.

Going Home

This section provides information on caring for your child at home, when he is discharged from the hospital. 

Looking Ahead

This section talks about the potential late effects the transplant may have on your child’s mental and physical development, social activity, and overall quality of life. It also provides a list of helpful books and websites on BMT.

Please remember that this information should only be used as a guide. Every child's situation is unique. If you have specific questions about your own child's care, please speak to your child's doctor.