Diabetes Resource Centre

About the Diabetes Resource Centre

This resource centre has been organized to follow the natural course of diabetes, from symptom recognition, to diagnosis, to treatment, to long-term outcomes. It contains many illustrations and animations to help you understand diabetes.

About Diabetes

This section helps you understand what diabetes means for your child's health by explaining how the body, by producing insulin in the pancreas, works to keep blood sugar in a normal range. You’ll also find information on the causes, signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Understanding the Diagnosis of Diabetes

This section of the site will give you key information about your child's condition to help prepare you to help your child through treatment and over the long term.

Treatment of Diabetes

Treatment for diabetes begins the moment the diagnosis is made. This section provides information and techniques that will help you care for your child and keep his blood sugar in a healthy range.

Diabetes at Home

This section helps with information about organizing family life and daily routines, meal planning, special considerations for when your child may be sick, issues to do with school, and changes in routine like vacations.

Diabetes: Looking Ahead

This section has information on some of the long-term risks of diabetes, and also focuses on how to manage the transition from child to adult care and ensure a healthy future.

Diabetes Just for Kids

The Just for Kids section has games and animations to help kids learn about diabetes. 


Learn about monitoring glucose

Checking blood glucose levels is the best way to tell how well your child is balancing her insulin, food, and exercise.

Learn about giving insulin injections

How to give the injection, selecting the injection site, and rotating injection sites.

Learn about insulin

Our bodies need insulin to get energy from the food that we eat.

Most of this material has been adapted, in collaboration with the Diabetes Team at The Hospital for Sick Children, from the book When a Child Has Diabetes, written by Diabetes Team members Denis Daneman, Marcia Frank, and Kusiel Perlman, Third Edition, 2010, Key Porter Books. Contributions have been made by other health care professionals from the hospital and elsewhere. Parents of children with diabetes have also made a valuable contribution to the material in this section.

Please remember that this information should only be used as a guide. Every child's situation is unique. If you have specific questions about your own child's care, please speak to your child's doctor.​​