Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) Resource Centre

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Welcome to the juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) resource centre. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis means arthritis of unknown cause. 

This resource centre is written mainly for the parents of children and teenagers who have JIA. Children and teenagers with this condition may also find this resource centre helpful.

The material in this section has been written in collaboration with members of the arthritis team at The Hospital for Sick Children and various other health care organizations.

About JIA

This section begins with a description of JIA, what causes JIA, and the different types of JIA that can occur in children and teenagers. It describes how JIA may impact a child's health in the present as well as in the future.

Understanding Diagnosis

This section describes how JIA is diagnosed and goes through the various medical procedures that are used to confirm a diagnosis of JIA in children and teenagers.

Treatment of JIA

This section discusses the various forms of treatment that are available for JIA. These include medications for JIA, medications for pain, psychological treatments, physical treatments, and other types of care. This section also explains the importance of attending regular check-ups.

At Home

This section provides information on how to cope with the impact that JIA can make on a family, including issues that may arise with siblings, and financial concerns. It describes ways to help a child or teenager cope with their JIA. This section also discusses how to help your child or teenager maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is very important to the management of JIA symptoms.

Looking Ahead

This section discusses the transition to adult health care and gives tips for making this transition easier. It also provides information for teenagers about pursuing higher education or entering the work force. This section explores what researchers think the future holds for JIA, and gives some useful resources.

This material has been developed in close collaboration with the health care professionals of the Rheumatology department at The Hospital for Sick Children, as well as other expert professionals from this and other hospitals. Children with JIA, and their parents, have also made a valuable contribution to the material in this resource centre. The material was developed through funding from the Canadian Arthritis Network and The Arthritis Society.

Please remember that this information should only be used as a guide. Every child's situation is unique. If you have specific questions, please speak to your doctor.

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