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Limb lengthening and reconstruction

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About limb lengthening and reconstruction

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Limb lengthening and reconstruction can seem very daunting at first, especially when it usually involves wearing a medical device for months after surgery. Learn how this treatment can help your child and about the different types of surgery that may be considered.

Limb lengthening and reconstruction patient journey

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Surgery is often the first major step in your child's limb lengthening or reconstruction treatment. Find out about the healthcare team who will help your child through their patient journey and what you can expect before, during and after surgery.

Hardware (fixators or devices)

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limb hardware

Your child may be fitted with an internal or external device to lengthen or correct their limb. Discover the main types of hardware and how to adjust them.

Coping with limb lengthening and reconstruction

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Once your child goes home after surgery, they will need to adjust to life with a device. Find out how to handle everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing and going to school, and cope with any social, emotional and financial aspects of treatment.

Limb conditions and diseases

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Limb lengthening and reconstruction treats limb problems that may exist when a child is born or be acquired from an illness or injury. Learn about the different types of limb conditions and diseases that can affect a child's bones or joints.

Looking ahead

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As your child gets older, you may have questions about the long-term outlook for their repaired limb(s). You may also be curious about ongoing changes in limb lengthening and reconstruction. Discover what the future holds for patients and treatment options alike.