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Bone health: Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D help build strong and healthy bones. Find out how best to include these important nutrients in your child’s diet.

Hospital social worker

A hospital social worker is a trained professional who understands how a child’s illness can affect daily life. Learn how they help your family cope.

Kidney failure and treatment

The kidneys help remove waste from the body. Learn what happens when your child has kidney failure, and what treatment is available.


Sleep has many benefits for your child. Learn how much sleep your child needs each night and what happens when they do not get enough.

Head injury and concussion: Find out what to do if your child hits their head.

Exercises for enthesitis and arthritis: Discover exercises to relieve inflammation.

Epilepsy - An overview: Learn more about epilepsy from SickKids experts and patients.

Preventing head injury: Find out how to safely fit a bicycle helmet on your child.

All about epilepsy: Help your child learn about epilepsy with this fun animation.

How the Body Works:
The brain and its 12 cranial nerves


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