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Autism Spectrum Disorder Resource Centre

Dear parent,

This resource centre was created to give you some information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is a concise, hopeful resource for parents to consult after receiving a diagnosis of ASD for their child. Many parents feel overwhelmed when they find out that their child is developing in a different way from other children. Like other parents who are told their child has ASD, you may find that you do not know where to start, what to read, or where to go first.  

We hope this resource centre will help you understand a little more about what you were told during your child’s assessment. We also hope this resource centre will provide you with direction, information, and comfort as you begin to understand what lies ahead for your child and family.

You may have mixed feelings about your child’s diagnosis. You may feel hopeful that the diagnosis will help you get the services and support you need. You may take comfort in knowing that your child and family are not alone. At the same time, you may have concerns about your child and the future. No matter what the diagnosis, it is always important not to lose sight of your child and all the traits that make your child unique.

Sometimes you may feel that your child is getting lost in all the tests and assessments. You may feel that your child’s strengths and abilities are being overlooked, particularly when many of the assessments seem to emphasize your child’s difficulties. Just remember, you know your child best. You know what your child does well and also the areas where your child needs the most help. Hold onto that knowledge as you do your best to help your child thrive.


Lee Steel and Janice Mulligan

Janice Mulligan MSW, RSW

Radha MacCulloch, MSW

Wendy Roberts MD. FRCPC

Lee Steel

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