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Pregnancy & Babies Resource Centre

Preparing for Pregnancy  

Pregnancy and Fetal Development

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Giving Birth

Breast or bottle feeding?

Trying to decide between breast and bottle feeding? Learn more about your baby’s feeding and nutritional requirements.

How do twins develop?

Learn more about the various events that can happen around fertilization that affect what type of twins develop.

What is happening in there?

What is happening in there? Follow along our interactive timeline to see how your baby will change and grow before birth.

Newborn Babies: The First Month

Babies: The First Year

About the Pregnancy and Babies Resource Centre

This resource centre has been organized to follow the natural course of pregnancy and baby development, from preconception through the first year of life. The material in this resource centre has been written in collaboration with obstetricians, paediatricians, nurse practitioners, lactation consultants, dietitians, and psychologists, affiliated with The Hospital for Sick Children.

Andrew James, MBChB, MBI, FRACP, FRCPC