Summer Safety Tips

Summer's here and with it comes the chance to take a break from the routine and make the most of the sunshine. Check out our tips to keep summertime safe and stress-free for you and your family, whether playing in the sun or water, travelling near or far, preparing a summer feast or exploring nature.


Keep your child safe in the summer sun with these tips to protect their skin, keep them hydrated and shield them from heat stroke.

Whether your child is a strong swimmer or doggy paddler, check out these tips for a safe, cooling dip in the water during the heat.


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Help your child stay active and free of injury while they play outside and go exploring during long, hot summer days.


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Help your child enjoy all that nature has to offer with these tips on plant safety, insect bites and staying safe near campfires and fireworks.


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Use these tips to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and prepare safe and enjoyable summer time meals with family and friends.


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No matter where your family goes this summer, use these tips to create a healthy and happy holiday and resolve any health issues.

Just 4 Kids

Show your child these kid-friendly tips for staying safe this summer while playing outside and travelling!