About iCanCope: Introduction

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This program is for people aged 15 to 25 years and is designed to help you learn how to better manage and live with your chronic pain.

The program has two main features, which are designed to work together:

  • the iCanCope app (for iPhone and Android)
  • this iCanCope website.

The iCanCope app is a resource that you can always have in your pocket to support you in your daily life. Use it to:

  • keep track of your pain and function (for example your sleep, mood, physical activity and energy levels)
  • set and track realistic goals about things that will help improve your functioning
  • access tools to cope with pain in your daily life
  • connect with other young people who have chronic pain.

This iCanCope website provides more in-depth information for when you have questions about chronic pain. Use it to:

  • learn more about your chronic pain and how you can manage it
  • understand the importance of combining physical, psychological and pharmacological (medications) strategies to manage your chronic pain
  • access videos and animations to better understand key points and hear from other people living with chronic pain
  • access audio clips to guide you through meditation and relaxation exercises.

How the program was developed

The iCanCope program was developed by the iOUCH Pain Lab at The Hospital for Sick Children with the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation.

The team, from across Canada and the United States, included researchers, clinicians (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists), students and young people with chronic pain. Visit the project contributors page​ to learn more about the many people who helped make this program possible​.​

How the iCanCope website is organized

This website has 10 sections, or sessions:

Each session offers a range of information, tips and advice to help you understand and manage chronic pain. At the end of each session is a short quiz. Don’t worry – nobody is keeping score! The quiz is there only to help you find out how much you have learned.

You can move through this website in any order that you wish. Simply access the topics that are most interesting and relevant to you.


The iCanCope program is intended to be an extra support for you in addition to your regular healthcare. It is not intended to replace your healthcare team. Your healthcare team are the best people to answer any questions about your specific medical needs.

Last updated: May 2nd 2016