My sleep: Key messages

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  • Sleep can affect all areas of your life, including how well you concentrate, how you perform at school or work and how you take part in physical activities. It also affects your mood and even your ability to cope with pain and other difficulties in life.
  • Chronic pain and sleeping problems can often create a vicious cycle, where being in pain makes it harder to fall and stay asleep and lack of sleep makes your pain feel worse.
  • Improving your sleeping habits is like training for a marathon – it takes work and discipline, but it does pay off.
  • Fatigue is a feeling of physical or emotional exhaustion. It goes beyond just feeling sleepy. It usually happens when you over-exert yourself or push yourself too hard.
  • You can manage fatigue by pacing yourself throughout the day, using relaxation and distraction and taking medications, if recommended by your healthcare team.
Last updated: May 2nd 2016