MyHealth Passport

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You can create your MyHealth Passport free of charge on the website of the Good2Go program at the Hospital for Sick Children​. You can choose from a list of over 50 conditions, including chronic pain. If your condition isn't listed, choose the generic passport or medication record.

You can decide how much information to put in your own passport. If you are not sure about any information, it's best to consult with your healthcare provider rather than enter something that might not be correct. Once you have filled in all your details, you can print the passport.

It is a good idea to carry the passport with you at all times so you can show it to providers when needed. In addition to printing a copy, you can also email yourself a PDF of the passport so you can access it on a computer or smartphone.

How can MyHealth Passport help me?

Creating and carrying MyHealth Passport can:

  • help you learn more about your health and health history
  • better prepare you to talk about your health with a new healthcare provider
  • summarize important health information, such as emergency contacts and pharmacy information
  • share a written summary of your health with others in emergency situations.
Last updated: May 2nd 2016