Pregnancy & babiesEnglish622,615,631,621,620PregnancyPrenatal;Premature;Newborn (0-28 days);Baby (1-12 months)NANAHealthy living and preventionCaregivers Adult (19+)NALanding Page (Overview)Learning Hub<p>Learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle before you become pregnant and what to expect each month during pregnancy. Also learn what to expect through your baby's first year of life.</p><p>Learn about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle before you become pregnant and what you can do to prepare for pregnancy. Find resources that cover what to expect each month during pregnancy and some of the complication you may encounter. Also learn what to expect from the time your baby is born through their first year of life.<br></p>https://assets.aboutkidshealth.ca/AKHAssets/PST_baby_sleeping_on_mom.jpg<div class="collection-nav-item"> <a href="/pregnancybabies?topic=PreparingforPregnancy">Preparing for pregnancy</a> </div><div class="collection-nav-item"> <a href="/pregnancybabies?topic=Pregnancy">Pregnancy</a> </div><div class="collection-nav-item"> <a href="/pregnancybabies?topic=GivingBirth">Giving birth</a> </div><div class="collection-nav-item"> <a href="/pregnancybabies?topic=newborns">Newborn babies</a> </div><div class="collection-nav-item"> <a href="/pregnancybabies?topic=BabiesYearOne">Babies: The first year</a></div>



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