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Depending on how your pain and its treatment affect you, you might need to have an individual education or learning plan in place. An individual learning plan is a written plan describing the special education program or services that you might need at school.

Many people with chronic pain (and other chronic illnesses) have an individual learning plan. These plans identify what changes are needed for your grade level and subjects or courses (for example gym class). They also outline any accommodations and special education services you need to assist you in your learning. Here are some examples of accommodations.

  • Having extra time to complete classroom assignments
  • Recording lessons so you can review them later, having handouts of notes or getting copies of the teacher’s notes
  • Having an extra set of books so you don’t need to carry them to and from school
  • Having the services of a scribe – a person who writes for you when you can’t

The learning plan is written with input from your teacher, your school’s principal and resource teacher, you and any other specialists who help with your pain. The fact that you may need an individual learning plan at school does not interfere with your ability to go to college or university.

Individual education or learning plans vary by province and may have different names. Find out about the plans that are available where you live.

Here are some examples of accommodation letters that your pain clinic may give you for your school. The content for these sample letters was generously contributed by:

  • Kathy Reid, RN, MN, NP (Stollery Children’s Hospital)
  • Jennifer Tyrrell, RN, MN, CNeph(c) (The Hospital for Sick Children).​

Last updated: May 2nd 2016