Strengthening exercises

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Strengthening exercises build your muscle and bone strength. These exercises enable your muscles to push, pull or hold more weight. Strengthening exercises also build stronger bones, reducing the risk of breaking a bone or developing weak bones (such as osteoporosis or osteopenia) when you are older. Improving your strength will allow you to do more activity for a longer period of time.

Generally speaking, people with pain will benefit ​from using lighter weights with higher repetitions. A good starting point may be 10 repetitions of an exercise, a brief rest (such as two minutes), and then a second set of 10.

Remember to start at a very low weight and build up from there. The most important thing is to do an exercise properly and safely, using controlled movements in a balanced, stable position. Your back and stomach muscles need to be held firm while you move your arms and legs. Your neck should stay comfortably still during movements.

Do strengthening exercises three to five times per week. This is the type of routine that will help improve your bone and muscle strength and endurance. You do not need to work with heavy weights to get benefits. Anything that you are able to do is better than nothing!

You may want to rotate your exercises so you are not doing the same exercises every day. For example, on Monday you might focus on your arms, and then Tuesday, focus on your legs to give your arms a rest. Or you might focus on one or two of the most important exercises for a period of time and then focus on others later. Look at what your goals are and what exercises can help you to meet these goals.

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Last updated: May 2nd 2016