Choanal atresia: Bilateral

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In bilateral choanal atresia both sides of the nasal passage are blocked by bone or soft tissue. Learn what happens during surgery and how to take care of your child at home.

Key points

  • In bilateral choanal atresia, the nasal passage is blocked by bone or soft tissue on both sides of the nose. Your baby will need an operation to help them breathe.
  • During surgery, the nasal passage is opened, and small plastic tubes, called nasal stents are placed in each nostril to keep the nasal passage open while it is healing.
  • A nurse will show you how to give your baby nose drops and suction the nasal passage.
  • It is important for you and anyone who is spending time with your baby to know the signs and symptoms of respiratory distress, how to suction the nasal stents, and be trained in CPR.
Last updated: May 7th 2010