High grade gliomas

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High-grade gliomas are a type of brain tumour that can develop in the central nervous system. Learn about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Key points

  • High grade means that the glioma is very aggressive and can grow quickly.
  • Symptoms of high-grade gliomas may be different depending on which area of the brain is involved.
  • High-grade gliomas account for 15% to 20% of all brain tumours in children.
  • Diagnosis of high-grade gliomas is done by pathological examination of a biopsy sample.
  • Surgery is the main form of treatment and is combined with radiation and chemotherapy in children older than three years old.
  • Additional testing looking at specific changes in the tumor may identify whether a child is a suitable candidate for one of the upcoming newer forms of treatments like targeted and immunotherapy.
  • Before you agree to the treatment offered, it is important that you understand what to expect and feel comfortable with your decision.
Last updated: December 21st 2021