Post Anaesthetic Care Unit: Visiting your child in the PACU

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Learn what to expect when you visit your child in the post-anaesthetic care unit (PACU). Includes advice for visitors and cell-phone use.

Key points

  • Before visiting your child, we encourage you to have something to eat.
  • Your child's doctor will come speak to you after the surgery.
  • The nurses in the PACU will let you know when you can visit your child. You may wait up to one hour before visiting your child.
  • Talk to your nurse if you need help comforting your child.
  • Only one parent can stay by the child's bedside; we do not recommend switching between parents. Young children are not allowed inside the PACU.
  • Cell phones need to be at least one metre away from any medical device.
  • Most children go home within one hour after day care surgery.
  • Before discharge, your nurse will talk to you about your child's medication, how to care for your child at home, and offer your child a clear liquid before leaving.
Last updated: October 25th 2010