Strabismus surgery in children

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Strabismus (misaligned eye) surgery tightens the weak eye muscles that move the eye or loosens the stronger ones. This helps the eyes line up better. Read what to expect from the surgery.

Key points

  • Strabismus surgery involves tightening the weak eye muscles and/or loosening the stronger ones so that the eyes are positioned better.
  • Your child's eye may need to be patched for up to 24 hours after surgery.
  • Your child's eye(s) will be slightly swollen and red after the surgery. Your child might also have double vision, pinkish or light yellow tears and white mucus around the eye for one to two weeks.
  • Call your child's doctor if the swelling does not go away or the redness gets worse, if the double vision does not go away, if there is any yellow or green discharge from the eye, or if the cornea or pupil look different than normal.
  • Follow-up appointments are very important. The first one is usually within one week of th surgery to check the healing. Be sure to check with your child's doctor about when these should happen.
Last updated: September 30th 2020