After leukemia treatment ends

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Learn how to manage your fears and anxieties once your child's leukemia treatment ends.

Key points

  • It is normal to feel excited but also anxious after your child's leukemia treatment ends.
  • Make sure to get a written summary of your child's leukemia treatment from your doctor once their therapy ends.

Completing leukemia treatment is an important milestone. Although friends and family may view this as a time to celebrate, you might feel otherwise. While you may be excited for your child, you may also feel anxious and scared.

It is normal for you and your child to have mixed feelings at this time. You and your child have spent a great deal of time at the hospital receiving a variety of treatments and tests. Although this has been a stressful time, being surrounded by the medical team and staff may have brought a sense of comfort and reassurance. When your child’s treatment ends, you may feel that this sense of support is taken away.

It is natural to be concerned and you will likely have many questions. Talking with your child’s care team can help make this transition easier for you.

At the end of your child’s therapy, ask your doctor for a written summary of your child’s leukemia treatment. Make sure it includes:

  • types and doses of drugs
  • radiation dose, if your child was given radiation therapy
  • type of surgical procedures performed, if any
  • any significant complications during treatment
Last updated: March 6th 2018