Anorectal malformation

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Learn what treatment is available if your child is diagnosed with anorectal malformation.

Key points

  • Anorectal malformation is a birth defect that causes a child to have an anal opening that is too small, an anal opening in the wrong place or no anal opening at all.
  • Depending on your child's condition, the surgeon might dilate (stretch) their anus if it is too small or perform surgery to move the anus to the right place or create a new anus.
  • After surgery, call your surgeon's office if your child has a fever, is vomiting, has redness or swelling around their incisions or has more frequent or less frequent bowel movements than they normally have.
  • Your child may have lifelong problems with bowel control or constipation. Your surgeon will only know this by following your child closely until they finish toilet training and later into their childhood and adolescence.
Last updated: November 8th 2013