Biliary atresia in infants

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Learn about biliary atresia, a liver disease in babies, and the new screening program that is used to help identify babies with biliary atresia earlier.

Key points

  • Biliary atresia is a liver disease where bile cannot get from the liver to the intestines. Biliary atresia occurs in infants and babies.
  • Babies with biliary atresia may have jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) and their stools may appear pale in colour.
  • Pale stool and/or jaundice lasting longer than two weeks of age may be early signs of biliary atresia.
  • A new parent-led screening program by Newborn Screening Ontario aims to identify infants with biliary atresia earlier by monitoring infants’ stool colour using the Infant Stool Colour Card.
Last updated: June 9th 2023