Bulimia nervosa: How you can help your child at home

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Find out how you can help your child or teen recover from bulimia nervosa.

Key points

  • Bulimia nervosa affects the whole family and requires a range of steps at home to help your child recover and resume your family's normal routine.
  • It is important to seek professional help as soon as you suspect bulimia nervosa.
  • Try to be a healthy role model in how you talk about your own appearance and your non-physical qualities.
  • Emphasize overall nutrition rather than fat or calories and limit your child's access to typical binge foods and materials that focus on dieting or exercise.
  • Have someone sit with your child at every meal to supervise their eating, especially during the first phase of their recovery.
  • Be persistent and consistent in encouraging your child to eat a range of foods and avoid purging as compensation.
Last updated: September 12th 2023