Buried penis in children

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Information on the congenital condition called buried penis. Learn what it is and how to treat it in children.

Key points

  • The penis is usually wrapped in a sheath of skin.
  • Buried penis happens when the skin unevenly covers the penis. The penis can also hide within the fat inside the lower part of the belly.
  • Buried penis is diagnosed up to the age of two years old.
  • Adolescents may experience pain or difficulty urinating, trouble directing their urine stream and trouble with proper hygiene.
  • In most cases, buried penis will improve on its own as the redundant fat in the lower part of the abdomen resolves over time.
  • Rarely, scarring may occur, requiring treatment. Treatment options include application of steroid cream and retraction of the redundant skin or possible surgical intervention.
  • Buried penis can cause emotional distress in some children.
Last updated: June 5th 2019