Burn injury: Information for parents with a child staying at the hospital

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Advice for parents with a child who is staying at the hospital and being treated for a burn injury.

Key points

  • Depending on the size of the burn area and the depth of the burn your child may have to stay in hospital.
  • Burns that take a long time to heal may need an operation called a skin graft. A skin graft operation involves taking healthy skin from your child and putting it on the burned area. Burn injuries may cause scarring. Scars can be minimized by massaging the scar and wearing pressure garments.
  • Burns are painful. The Burn Team will do its best to limit your child's pain. Your child will be given morphine, acetaminophen and perhaps a "sleep medicine" during painful procedures.
  • You can help your child's recovery by giving them high energy food, involving them in their regular activities and by taking good care of yourself too.
Last updated: September 19th 2013