Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy treatment (CPT) for children older than 1 year old

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Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy treatment (CPT) is used to clear mucus from the airways. Learn about the benefits of CPT and the different techniques you can learn to help clear your child’s airways.

Key points

  • Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy treatment can be used in children who have conditions that may cause mucus buildup in the lower areas of the lungs.
  • A trained physiotherapist can help you create an individualized pulmonary clearance program/strategy to complete on a regular basis with your child.
  • Types of treatments used include modified postural drainage, percussion, expiratory vibrations, suctioning, and mobility and play.
  • Percussion and expiratory vibrations can be used in combination with modified postural drainage positions.
Last updated: June 12th 2020