Cecostomy tube insertion using image guidance

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Find information about what a cecostomy tube (C-tube) is and why it is used. Also learn about how a C-tube is inserted, the risks and how to care for it once it is inserted.

Key Points

  • A cecostomy (C-tube) is used to help your child empty their bowel and to decrease the incidence of fecal incontinence (soiling).
  • For the first 10 days after the C-tube insertion, your child should not use the C-tube and will continue with their regular bowel regime.
  • The dressing over the C-tube needs to be changed daily or as needed (for example if it gets soiled or becomes loose) for the first two weeks until the retention suture is removed.
  • C-tube irrigation should begin 11 days after the C-tube insertion.
  • Six weeks after the temporary C-tube insertion, your child will have an appointment to have the temporary C- tube changed to a long-term Chait trapdoor C-tube.
  • C-tubes are changed yearly in the interventional radiology department.
Last updated: February 8th 2018