Clinic visits after scoliosis surgery

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After scoliosis surgery, clinic visits are required to ensure proper healing and growth. Learn about the frequency of these visits and what to expect.

Key points

  • During clinic visits, the health care team takes an X-ray of your teen's back and can advise on activity level.

After surgery, your teen will need to see their surgeon for regular clinic visits.

The typical schedule of visits following surgery is:

  • two to six weeks
  • three months
  • six months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

During these appointments, your teen’s surgeon will assess their back and look at the incision. The surgeon will talk to your teen about pain, neurological symptoms (bowel/bladder problems, numbness, weakness), nutrition, and their physical activities.

The health care team will take an X-ray to see how well the bones in your teen’s spine are healing. An X-ray is also used to check the curvature of the spine. If all goes well, they may tell your teen that they can increase their activity level.

Last updated: June 1st 2008