Collar care: Taking care of your child in a cervical collar

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Your child needs to wear a cervical collar for various reasons. Find out why they might need one and how to properly care for your child and their collar.

Key points

  • Collars are prescribed for various reasons such as injuries or post-surgery. A well-fitted collar allows the neck to be centrally aligned.
  • Collars provide support and stability by restricting movement while the neck is healing from an injury or surgery.
  • Your child should wear the collar as prescribed. Some children can remove it to shower while others are required to wear it continuously. Your child’s health-care team will instruct you on how and when your child is to wear their collar.
  • Your child should see their health-care provider if they have increasing pain or headaches, new numbness or tingling or skin breakdown.
Last updated: July 28th 2021