During scoliosis surgery

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Find out what happens when your child enters the operating room to when they are moved into their room. A guide for what your child can expect during scoliosis surgery.

Key points

  • Each surgery is performed by an interprofessional team, which include the orthopaedic surgeon and their team, an anaesthetist, a neurophysiologist and operating room nurses.
  • During surgery, your child’s blood pressure, heart rate and oxygenation levels will be closely monitored.
  • Your child’s spinal cord function will be monitored in real time with neuromonitoring probes throughout the duration of the surgery.
  • A large bandage will be placed on your child's back after surgery and they will be moved into the recovery room for close monitoring. You may visit your child in the recovery room.
  • Most children do not experience complications after scoliosis surgery.
Last updated: December 8th 2020