Flexor tendon repair and rehabilitation

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If your child is unable to bend one of their fingers or their thumb in a way that is normally expected, then they may have a flexor tendon injury. Your child will have surgery to repair the tendon followed by therapy to make sure they have the best possible result.

Key points

  • A flexor tendon injury occurs when the muscle in your forearm is not able to move the finger or thumb in the way that is normally expected.
  • After the surgery to repair the tendon, your child will be need to wear a splint and do exercises to get the best possible result.
  • During recovery there is a balance needed between allowing the finger to heal and moving the finger after surgery.
  • The specific timeline for recovery will be guided by your child’s health care team to make sure your child gets the best possible result of the surgical repair.
Last updated: November 11th 2020