Foot and ankle: Clubfoot - Treatment with a boots and bar orthosis

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Clubfoot is when the foot is turned in at an angle because of problems in the bones and muscles of the feet and ankles. Learn about how it is treated with the boots and bar orthosis, and how to take care of your child.

Key points

  • Now that casting has helped to correct the position of your child's foot and ankle, wearing an orthosis is the last step to maintain this correction.
  • Wearing an orthosis as prescribed is important. It is the best way to decrease the risk of the foot turning back into the clubfoot position.
  • An orthotist will fit the orthosis, show you how to use it properly, and answer your questions.
  • If you notice problems with the fit of the orthosis, skin problems or extreme discomfort in your child, contact the orthotist.
  • Your child will need to wear the orthosis until age four or five.
Last updated: January 24th 2012