G/GJ tubes: Permanent feeding tube removal

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Learn how to remove the feeding tube at home, if appropriate, and care for your child's tract after the permanent feeding tube removal.

Key points

  • If your child has a balloon-type G tube, you may remove the tube yourself.
  • Once the tube is removed, stomach contents will leak from the stoma and will continue to do so until the tract closes completely.
  • It may take up to two weeks for the feeding tube tract to heal and close, and it will leak during this time.
  • If the stoma is still leaking two weeks after the tube has been removed, call your G tube specialist for further assessment.
  • After tube removal, it is important to wash the stoma with soap and water daily to prevent infection.
  • Do not submerge your child’s stoma in water until the feeding tube tract has stopped leaking.
Last updated: May 3rd 2022