G tubes: Corflo PEG tube

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A Corflo PEG tube is a type of feeding tube. Discover how to care for your child's Corflo PEG tube and what to do if it is accidentally pulled out.

Key points

  • A Corflo PEG tube provides liquid nutrition, medication, fluids or blended diet directly into the stomach.
  • The tube will be placed by an interventional radiologist. Your child will be given a general anaesthetic before the tube insertion procedure.
  • The Corflo PEG Y-adaptor, attached to the end of your child's feeding tube, allows access for tube feeding, fluids, medication and blended diet administration. It can be changed if needed.
  • If your child's tube is accidentally pulled out, insert a Foley catheter and contact your child's G tube specialist.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Last updated: June 29th 2022