Fever in a returning traveller

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Find out what to look out for and when to see a doctor if your child has a fever after travelling abroad.

Key points

  • If your child has just come back from travelling, a fever can mean that they have caught an illness while abroad.
  • Your child's doctor will need to know where your child visited while travelling, what they usually ate or drank, whether their vaccinations were up to date and what medications they took before and during their travels. They may also need to do different tests to find the cause of the fever.
  • Always remind health-care providers that you and your family have travelled. You and your child are at risk for malaria for up to 12 months after returning from an area where malaria is known to occur.
  • Prevention is the best defence against illness. Arrange a visit with your child's doctor six to eight weeks before you travel to give enough time to have vaccinations or get prescriptions for specific medications.
Last updated: July 13th 2022