Peritoneal dialysis for a child

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Learn what is involved in peritoneal dialysis and how it can benefit your child.

Key points

  • Peritoneal dialysis cleans the blood using the peritoneal membrane, a thin lining around the abdomen, and a machine called a cycler.
  • Before peritoneal dialysis, your child will need surgery to insert a catheter (tube) into the space inside the peritoneal membrane.
  • Peritoneal dialysis allows more independence and flexibility in caring for your child, requires fewer absences from school and lets your child eat a wider range of food than with in-hospital hemodialysis.
  • Before your child can start peritoneal dialysis, they must have a healthy abdominal wall.
  • You must be physically able to operate the equipment and commit time to training, performing the dialysis properly and solving any problems that might occur at home.
Last updated: December 13th 2023