Head injury and concussion

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Learn how to recognize a concussion after a head injury and when to see a health-care provider or seek emergency care.

Key points

  • Most head injuries are minor.
  • Any head injury puts your child at risk for concussion.
  • If you think that your child has had a concussion, they should see a health-care provider on the same day that the head injury occurs.
  • If your child has signs of a concussion during a sports activity, they should stop participating immediately and see a doctor.
  • A health-care provider will examine your child and may recommend further tests or, if concussion is diagnosed, provide a post-concussion management plan.
  • Watch your child after a head injury. If you see signs that your child is getting worse, take them to the nearest emergency department or call 911 right away.
Last updated: August 27th 2023