Tethered cord

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Tethered cord occurs when the spinal cord gets stuck to the bottom of the spinal column and is stretched. Learn about how tethered cord is treated.

Key points

  • Tethered cord means that your child's spinal cord cannot move freely inside their spinal column. The spinal cord is stretched.
  • Tethered cord can cause problems with bladder control, bowel control or walking.
  • Tethered cord may be treated with surgery (an operation) to release the stretching of the spinal cord.
  • Your child will probably stay in hospital for about one week.
  • Call your child's surgeon if you notice any fluid leaking out of your child's surgical cut; if you see bulging, redness, swelling or smelly discharge from the cut; or if your child has a fever.
Last updated: November 10th 2009